Not everyone can open a safe without damage

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Not everyone can open a safe without damage

Good news for owners of safes who, for a variety of reasons, can no longer open their safe themselves: Locksmith London has both the technical expertise of its employees and the appropriate special tools to open safes without damage. This is especially important if a safe has to be opened and still be fully functional, visually flawless and not damaged in any way. This should put an end to the search for a suitable locksmith in the London area. Especially since most locksmiths cannot guarantee that safes will be opened without damage. They often use brute force on the doors and locks of safes until the safe is finally open and in most cases no longer usable. One thing is certain: Not everyone can open a safe without causing damage – but the professionals at Locksmith London can!

Table of contents

  • When you can no longer get into the safe
  • How to open the safe
  • If it is not possible without damage

When you can no longer get into the safe

The reasons for despair are quite varied: → Lost or misplaced keys, forgotten code, defects or even completely unknown codes or a non-existent key are among the most common causes when a safe can no longer be opened. Then you can no longer access your valuables and documents and good advice is usually expensive.

Often, the first attempt is to open the safe by oneself, with mostly meagre or no results. As a result of such attempts to open the safe, there is usually only damage and the safe remains locked. Many safes have a locking mechanism that requires a connection between code and matching key. If you still remember the code but have lost the key, the door will not open. The same applies if the key is present but the code is unknown. Sometimes both are missing. The London locksmiths are not only confronted with such cases in the business environment. Private individuals also have problems opening safes and strongboxes. Especially when the safe has not been used for a long time. But also inheritance cases are situations in which one usually depends on the help of a professional locksmith. The locksmith service London is happy to help you! While simple safes are often broken into by force, such a procedure is not advisable if the safe itself is a valuable piece of jewellery, often with a real history. In this case, the experts from Locksmith London can guarantee a damage-free opening of the safe in almost all cases! The prerequisite for any safe opening in London is that you can prove your ownership of the safe, or present proof that you are actually authorised to open a safe. In all other cases, a safe opening is also out of the question for us.

How to open the safe

The possibilities for opening a safe without damaging it are just as varied as the locking mechanisms of a safe. The professionals at Losksmith London have excellent knowledge of the various technologies. Sometimes it is enough to move the locking mechanism with special tools or to determine the corresponding code. In some cases, both will be necessary. Not infrequently, it is also necessary to make duplicate keys for a safe. In any case, however, they can open the safe without damage. This is due to the expertise of our highly trained staff as well as the availability of the appropriate special tools, which are not available to the average consumer. Interventions in the locking mechanisms of safes may also be necessary for conversions, repairs or after attempted break-ins. Here, too, the locksmith is a recommended and certified partner for safe opening. Of course, the locksmiths will not disclose the specific measures taken to open the safe. This is for your own safety when dealing with safes.

When it is not possible to open a safe without damage

In a very few cases, it may not be possible to open a safe completely without damage. However, this is the exception, as the locksmiths are very familiar with most common safes and work closely with the manufacturers. In order to be able to provide you with reliable information before we go to your property, you should let us inform you personally about the possibilities of opening safes. The competent specialists from Locksmith Londnon are available to you at any time. In this way, you will find out what chances there are of being able to open a specific safe without damage. In any case, they will make every effort to open safes without damage. This way you can quickly get back to the valuable contents of your safe without damaging it. Do not attempt to open safes yourself, as in many cases this does not result in an open safe door, but in damage, which in some cases cannot be repaired.

Not everyone can open a safe without damaging it – Locksmith London 24/7 can!

If you would like to learn more about damage-free safe opening, you can contact us at any time. We will then explain to you how the fitters will proceed in the specific case and find the right solution for your problem with your safe together with you.

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