Where can I have my key made?

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Where can I have my key made?

Whether it’s the loss of your key ring or another person in your household – there are many reasons why a key should be duplicated. The creation of such a replica is technically possible without any problems, but it follows strict rules and checks. After all, the aim of duplicating a key is to prevent it from falling into criminal hands and gaining unauthorised access to your house or flat. Here you will find the answer to the question “Where can I have my key made?” and find out why a professional locksmith is the best person to contact.

Table of contents

  • Security and the different types of keys
  • Quality, price & co. - an overview of the advantages and disadvantages
  • The locksmith as a professional contact
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Security and the different types of keys

When making a key, the security of the locked object plays the most important role. In the event of loss or theft, it is therefore necessary to clarify the extent to which it is possible to match the key to the lock.

If the key was stolen from one’s own front door or if a tag with address data is attached, duplicating the key would be negligent. In this case, replacing the entire locking system is unavoidable, which can be costly for a front door key in a multi-party house. In the case of simple keys, e.g. for individual rooms in a flat, making a copy is quite uncomplicated. A house or flat key for a modern locking system, on the other hand, cannot simply be copied. A key card or security certificate from the landlord is necessary to create a legal basis for duplicating the key. Any reputable locksmith will refuse to make a replica of a security key unless proof such as the key card is provided. Unless you are the owner of the locked property yourself, contacting the property management or your landlord is therefore unavoidable.

Quality, price & co. – an overview of the advantages and disadvantages

The replica key should correspond to the original in its manufacturing quality and provide its services for years and decades. The quality of the key is characterised by the choice of material and the precision with which the replica is manufactured according to the original at hand.

If you place the highest value on quality, the best choice is to go to a professional locksmith. They are familiar with all types of keys and locks and will help you choose the right key model as part of a comprehensive consultation. Alternatives such as duplicating the key in a DIY store or comparable service providers promise a cost advantage of a few euros, but you accept some disadvantages in return. Often, the manufacturing precision of the keys is not as good as that of an established locksmith, and it is not uncommon for savings to be made in the material. The difference can often be felt in the weight and stability of the imitation key and, in the worst case, leads to it breaking off in the lock when it is opened or locked. To avoid expensive follow-up costs, it is better to go straight to a locksmith. By the way: If you are afraid of the costs for a key that has to be copied or the replacement of the entire locking system, think about a key insurance. This can be taken out as an individual policy or as part of a liability insurance policy so that all costs are passed on to the insurer in the event of damage. A locksmith will also be happy to advise you in this regard.

The locksmith as a professional contact

While many people associate a locksmith solely with opening locked doors or safes, he is also a reliable and competent contact for replicas of keys of all kinds. His expertise makes it possible to assess which keys can be replicated at all, with or without a key card. From solid metal keys for old residential buildings to thin aluminium keys for letterboxes, there are countless keys in circulation that pose special challenges for the desired replica. A locksmith service such as Locksmith London masters many of these hurdles more easily than other service providers and combines a high level of manufacturing quality with fair prices. For homeowners and landlords, it makes sense to contact them before ordering the first key. In an expert discussion, an overview can be gained of contemporary locking systems for doors and safes, which have long since ceased to rely on classic locking with a key. Electronic locks and digital locking systems are an attractive alternative for many areas of life, where a physical key cannot even get lost. If you want to take the next step into the future in terms of locking technology, an experienced locksmith will also be your competent companion.

Have a key made? Talk to us!

You live in London and the surrounding area and would like to have one or more keys made? The team from Locksmith London is looking forward to meeting you and offers you a comprehensive service with many extras. As a service provider, the fitters are usually at your location within 15 to 40 minutes and help, for example, to open doors that have fallen into the lock. The exclusively experienced and expert staff will be happy to help you learn more about key duplication and show you individual options and advantages.

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