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The three main reasons business owners choose WildShark as their SEO Agency are:

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Higher Rankings Generates Targeted Traffic and More Business!

We love helping business owners to generate more online sales. It’s not rocket science either, if your website performs well in search results for keywords that are relevant to your business, the potential for a new customer to find you and make an enquiry is dramatically increased.

Over the last 18 months, since Google implemented various updates, we’ve developed a tried and trusted approach to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) that is proving to be very successful for our clients. As a result, the majority of our clients have been with us a lot longer than the six months that we ask them to commit to.

WildShark have recruited well, our UK based team have a variety of skills and knowledge that combines well to deliver the results and objectives that our clients deserve – when you invest in our services, you gain access to the whole team, not just one or two individuals.

If you’re serious about improving the performance of your website, please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

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WildShark – A Refreshingly Simple Approach to SEO That Works!

Our UK team of SEO experts are looking forward to working with you, WildShark have been busy developing and refining a three step approach to Search Engine Optimisation that is easy for our customers to understand and, more importantly, is achieving some excellent results.

We promised to keep things simple, so here goes…

SEO Audit
Technical SEO

On receipt of your order, we start with an SEO Audit of your website using the latest tools and resources, including our own SEO Spider Software which helps to identify any technical issues with your website. In addition to this, a member of our SEO team will complete a visual audit of your site and recommend any changes to help improve the structure and layout for SEO purposes.

On completion of the SEO Audit, we move on to our three step approach:

  1. Technical SEO – everything from the speed of the site to the coding and structure of the site is reviewed here to make sure there is nothing that might cause problems further down the line.
  2. Relevance – in order to be successful online, it is important to focus on the most relevant and appropriate keywords for your business. Once identified, we ensure there is sufficient content in the right places on your website to target these words and phrases (think about how you search online).
  3. Authority – once steps one and two have been completed, phase three is dedicated to increasing your website’s authority with Google as this will help to determine where you appear in the search results. This takes a lot of time and expertise to get right and, done well, should ensure you maintain high rankings for the long-term and generate a significant return on any investment.
  1. Looking for a Locksmith in Battersea SW11?
  2. Looking for a Locksmith in Leytonstone E11?
  3. Looking for a Locksmith in Hackney E5?
  4. Looking for a Locksmith in Holloway N75?

Despite what some of our competitors may tell you, SEO is not as expensive as you might think. Done properly, and given sufficient time and investment, our services should cost nothing as every pound invested should generate a profitable return – talk to us about your current situation and we will let you know if we can help.

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