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Locksmith in Soho provides service for emergency opening of door locks on a 24/7 basis. We open locks of all modifications: garage, car, safe, bicycle, apartment, office, etc. Call Soho Locksmith for a full range of lock services on doors of any complexity. We work around the clock to meet the demands of our customers. Whether it’s the lock repair, replacement or installation, we guarantee the performance of work up to the best standards in the industry.

Our arrival time at the place of call in Soho averages 20 minutes. The specialist brings a full set of accessories, tools and consumables, ready to solve any lock-related problem in one visit. The front door leading to your home or office premises will be opened without damage in a matter of minutes. Turning to the services of locksmith professionals guarantees adequate property protection at all stages of work on the emergency gain of entry. Modern door locks have advanced mechanism designs. The non-destructive door opening procedure requires skills and experience in working with various locking devices and security systems.

We strongly advise against attempting to open a locked door with the help of improvised means such as a hairpin or paper clip. Remember that the cost of restoring the door and the functionality of the lock will be incomparable with the cost of the services of professionals in the field of the door opening. Faced with a lockout problem in Soho, it is worth contacting specialised services immediately. By trusting Locksmith Soho, the work with your door locks, you invest in personal peace of mind and the safety of your loved ones! The service for the damage-free opening of exterior and interior doors is available around the clock. Feel free to call Locksmith Soho whenever you’re experiencing problems with the door locks.

You will need to show our locksmith documents proving that you are the owner of the property in Soho that is to be opened.

Door Opening Prices

The locksmith will provide you with an accurate estimate for opening the front door of your apartment in Soho, before he proceeds with work.
Door opening
Opening costs depend on various factors. However, you can use these prices as a guide.
Door opening costs
09:00 – 18:00 29 – 159£
Arrival and departure costs 29 – 159£
Emergency service surcharges
Weekdays 6pm - 10pm Saturdays until 6pm + 50%
Sundays, Holidays and Saturdays from 6pm 100%
Additional services
With us you get a lot of extras. From safety technology to a new cylinder.
Additional working time
Started 15 minutes 19,90£
Security technology
Security cylinder from 49£
Security fitting from 79£
And much more… inquiry


We guarantee quick response and arrival regardless of the time of day. Soho Locksmith will come to the rescue no matter the weather conditions. We won’t keep you waiting for hours at the doorsteps of your property. Orders are executed promptly and efficiently. After your request, the dispatch centre operator will quickly process the application and route the nearest available locksmith in Soho to the address indicated by you. After the work of a specialist, your locking device will remain functional and you won’t have to pay for costly repairs.

There will be no marks, dents, chips, cracks and other signs of recent intervention left on the front door of your Soho property. Work performed is guaranteed for a period of up to 3 years, depending on the type of service. We provide a door opening service at the best rates in the city. Each member of our emergency locksmith Soho team has vast practical experience which ensures a high level of service. Locksmith in Soho can open, repair or replace a lock system of any complexity: an entrance door, interior door or garage door. The specialist takes into account the features of each protective mechanism in order to gain entry with non to minimal damage to the customer’s property.

Our services in Soho:

Automotive Locksmith in Soho

Stuck outside in car? Do not worry and call our extensive service and we will be on our way for your rescue. Our Automotive Soho locksmith is very fast, reliable, efficient and trustworthy so they will be helping you anytime. Our experienced technicians will always be on the call so there is no need for hitting the panic button. Our professional technicians are here to make sure you are secure and receiving the top-notch service within an hour. We also provide the friendly locksmith service making them happy with our timely service. Our team members will have the vast array in the locksmithing services for the personal, residential, corporate and vehicle. We will give you the best class service that will make you to get the following advantages such as installing alarms, program keys, crack open safes, master key systems, clone transponders and many more are provided.

When you have lost your key then there is no need to be worried as we provide you the best solution for accessing your vehicle. The fast response time when you call our team will make you to get satisfied in the best manner. Our Soho Automotive locksmith is one of the best services that you can trust as all the staffs are insured professionals and licensed. We also offer the forensic locksmith services and also provide the security advice. Our team members are experienced as an automotive locksmith, alarm expert, safe opening specialist and installing new locks on your doors. We are available for 24 hours so that you can call us on any automotive emergency. Most of the people are satisfied with the fast and efficient service so it will be easier for satisfying the customers in the manner.

Our team comes fully equipped with many advanced machinery and technology that will give you the best opportunity for getting the better locksmith service. The Automotive locksmith Soho will act immediately in the emergency situation and will aid you anytime.

Residential Locksmith in Soho

Most of the people feel that they are not safe in their home and it makes their life more stressful. One of the best options for getting rid of these are through the installation of security features in the home. Choosing us will be easier for keeping your home safe from burglars and home invasion. We offer you the best chance for increasing your security systems in your home environment and surroundings. Our professional locksmith team will give you more opportunity for installing many new features around your home. You can ultimately prevent your home security from being compromised so hiring our professionals will be efficient. The Residential locksmith in Soho is completely capable of handling all types of security doors that are made with materials like steel and glass. Some of the top devices available are electronic access control systems, master key systems, rear door security devices, keyless entry systems, buzzer entry systems and many more can be installed by these professional locksmiths.

Our Soho Residential locksmith team is the best to offer these services such as Lockouts, Lock Repair, Lock Replacement, Rekeys, Pool Gate Locks and many more. They will have utmost responsibility with the locksmith so that it will be easier for you to get a safer life in the best manner. When you are locked out of your home or room then you will be experiencing the aggravating so there is no need to wait for last minute. You can let our professional know so they will rush to aid your safety back inside. Our professionals are friendly and knowledgeable so they are familiar will all the best quality services. You can get the emergency key with the best quality alarm system or key for your emergency.

We provide the finest services 24 hours so you will be safe and satisfied with our top-notch Residential locksmith Soho services. We also offer you the efficient and fast services at affordable price so you will get a good quality reputation for keeping our loyal customers in the hassle-free manner. Each of our Soho Residential locksmith technicians are fully equipped with high grade machinery and latest state of art technology.


Commercial Locksmith in Soho

All of the homes, private or government, commercial establishments and also the vehicles need the proper locking service systems for more security. And they have a various security requires pertaining into the situations. The Commercial Soho locksmith service is available for those. It had professional, skilled and well-trained technicians along with the knowledge in every field of a locksmith trade. We will handle the commercial locksmith service easily within your expected time. The professional Commercial Soho locksmith services will give the variety of the commercial service for the security requirements.

All of the commercial places use the different types of the top end safe and security products, locks and security systems for a security of the premises, people, items, equipment, materials and also for information. They need an expertise and the services of the commercial as well as professional locksmiths to advise on the security systems & also their installation. They require assistance for the purpose of to handle or maintain and also repair the devices and systems. This can involve the large task of the complete security or be small job needs the change of the lock, repair or just rekeying the lock, you want a help of the Commercial locksmith in Soho. Our service provides you a specialized service including building of the master key service system and preparing the master key charts for the condominium as well as for the apartment perimeters & also adding up the extra areas integral into a service system. Most of the times, keys have replaced or also locks have been rekeyed & they require recharging.

Commercial locksmith Soho service will take care of the traffic locks, external security locks, biometric locks, fire escape systems, emergency exit doors & devices, electric strikes & their repair, maintenance & replacements and panic bars. If you are not satisfied with our service then you can get your money back because the customer satisfaction is must for us. This is well committed to provide the highest quality locksmith service to each and every customer.


Unlock Service Locksmith in Soho

Soho locksmith service is one of a world’s biggest groups of the locksmiths who give 24-hour service in the selected territories. And as the result of the years of the dedication for the purpose of pride in the services and also the customer satisfaction, it has developed the reputation for a fulfilling consumer requirement very rapidly as well as professionally. Our service areas include the residential, emergency, corporate and automotive. It’s all technicians handle any type of the key work easily within the few minutes. That means its technicians handle everything very easily in a simple way, because having more experience in their field.

Our locksmith Soho is well specialized in the commercial services, automotive locksmith services, residential services and emergency locksmith services, it covering everything from the key cutting for the purpose of to lock picking & many more. When this comes to unlock the car door, then locksmith Soho will give you a fast and also very reliable lockout service for 24 hours per day and also each and every day of year, also all at the lowest rates and also completely insured. This is proud to have a pioneered an emergency service, the free community dedicated to saving the children and also the pets who are all accidentally locked in the vehicles.
If you want the residential locksmith, commercial locksmith, automotive locksmith service or any other services and also security service, you may rely on its team of the certified professionals. Our emergency locksmith Soho is well committed to giving the consumers with very fast and also reliable service at the cheapest rates. This service will perform the variety of the tasks including file cabinet & file drawer lock changes, push bar installation and broken key extraction. Once you call emergency locksmith Soho, then you will surely get a quick response. This offers the largest variety of the locks as well as the security industry at the less rates.


Emergency Locksmith in Soho

Have you lost your car key? Then you may take our professional Emergency Soho locksmith services, it is the effective way to get proper solution for your requirements. We are the experienced service to handle great variety of advanced and latest locks. We have ability to solve all types of lock issues without producing any damages to the lock, so taking Emergency Soho locksmith is the best choices to overcome the lock related problems. We provide equally attention to the entire project so the project size is not a matter, we consider all the projects equally. People considers our Emergency locksmith Soho to hire the certified technicians, we are the licensed company, so you can get guaranteed services.

We offer services quickly; our expert’s takes most suitable technology to reduce the problems. Emergency locksmith Soho offer cost effective services and our service list also available online for your welfare, with this you may able to pick the most suitable services depend up on your wants. It is the competitive industry so we use newest technology to ensure your comfort level. With our effective service we have satisfied a greater number of customers. Due to this people interested to hire our Soho Emergency locksmith. Hiring the Soho Emergency locksmith is the best options to meet your variety of needs rather than our professionals have great knowledge to handle issues in different situations. We offer different services it includes repairs, key cutting and etc. we use different lock mechanisms to unlock the lock system.

At the same time, we repair your older locks by using some unique technology we help to function again. The professionals handle the lock issues in different ways, so if you had any lock damaged you should hire our masters! In addition, we use proper methodologies to break a lock without any complications like damage. From us you can always get trustworthy services, if you hire our service, you will definitely feel safer. We also provide guidelines to maintain your lock system in the proper manner. So, consider the Soho 24 Hour locksmith services to get perfect solution in the emergencies. We are highly reputable and licensed locksmith company and we also have trained professionals with many years’ experience. So, try to book our locksmith services in UK to get best lock key service.

Car Key Replacement Locksmith

The car key misplacement is one of the common problems found among the people who have car. Otherwise, people also lost their car key in certain situations, due to these factors they also suffer lot, if you need to get the car key replacement solution you should take the Car key Replacement Soho, because it is the cost-effective choices to meet all your needs. Before taking our service, you may consider our reviews available in our official site. It is the most important aspects to realize importance about our services. We are not only offer the car keys for your needs we also repair the damages lock and keys, so approaching Repair Car key Soho is effective solution. We only collect less amount for our high-quality services, our professional team also handle all the problems. Choosing the professional car locksmith is one of the most important factors to get the duplicate car keys rather that they have abilities to solve all the problems related to the lock and key. Our professionals also have great knowledge in the field because they have great training. Moreover, we are the experienced services so we always consider our customer needs.

You can hire our Soho Car key Replacement through online, it is the best choices to hire the services from any part of the world. Our professionals have abilities to unlock different types of car locks, for this process they take less time. In addition, our professional finds right tools to overcome all the repair needs, with the help of the technology we also replace the advanced models of locks based on your needs. Through online you have chances to get full details about Car key Replacement Services Soho. We take further measurements to resolve the problems. It is the ideal way to get the stable solution for your car key replacement needs, we offer all the services in the cost-effective manner.

So, you may make call Soho Car key Replacement, if you make a call our professionals immediately reach your location and starts to find the problems. After that our staffs also choose the suitable techniques to fix the keys and locks without causing any problems. To get the cost-effective services most of the people interested to hire our Car key Replacement Soho we are the specialist in the repairing process of ignition locks at the same time we also replace the damaged items into new one. We offer latest lock system to avoid the car security problems. To get the suitable services you should check all the details about our Car key Replacement Services Soho via online. Before hiring our services, you also keep some important things in your mind. We are the most popular services so people wish to get Repair Car key Soho services, we are also offers the most reliable as well as efficient services to ensure your comfort level. Our experienced staffs always provide guidelines to maintain the lock systems in the perfect manner.

Ignition Repair Locksmith

We provide the mobile automotive locksmith service quickly into your place of the choice. The objective is to give a vehicle locksmith service which you demand as a swiftly is necessary you back behind a wheel. It usually has the dispatch time frame of thirty minutes for a majority of a metropolitan area when you need the rapid service, but it also takes the appointments for the time frame which is a practical for you. The Ignition Repair Soho arrives prepared along with all of the tools as well as the experience needed to perform the job of the choice on the truck, car or van or the other automobile. This will surely respond in the clearly marked vehicle and equipped along with the proper identification for the peace of a mind in the recognition of the service arrival. When you locked the keys in the vehicle or you have broken a key in a door lock, then the Soho Ignition Repair service will surely respond you immediately, you are on the side in the minutes not for hours and then open the car by using the highest caliber tools & if needed cut new keys on the state of an art equipment.

Whether on a road, in the office or you at a home you can just call on twenty-four emergency service hotlines for the purpose of to receive a help at the praised minimum response time. You be it the home lockout situation, the key stuck in a trunk of the car or the broken gate or a security lock at the industrial plant this locksmith is always available for you at anywhere and anytime. The Soho Ignition Repair technicians know everything about the locks, ignition and keys when this comes to the cars. And you may rest assured if you once call our service. This is sending you to the top-notch technician who will help you along with any of the automobile problem you can have. This is very sure that to help you if you call along with any of the commercial locksmith requests. Also, you may make the appointment to have the professional locksmith which is coming out & also provide you the free assessment or just call Ignition Key Soho for the emergency service which is always available for twenty-four hours per day and seven days per week.



  1. Customer orders lock opening, repair or replacement. Please call us at 02045139665 or submit an online callback form. During the call, describe the problem as much as possible.
  2. The operator sends a door lock opening specialist to the place of call.
  3. Locksmith covering Soho arrives within 20 minutes.
  4. The necessary work is carried out after preliminary on-site diagnostics of a locking device.


Soho Locksmith strives to meet the customer’s demands in each case regardless of the work’s complexity. Your satisfaction is paramount for the success of our company. By choosing us, you’ll receive an individual approach, maximum efficiency and high-quality work performance.
  • Swift response in lockout emergencies.
    We know how stressful it can be when you are unable to open the lock of your front door. Every second counts when there is a child or elderly locked behind the door. You can rely on our expertise for a quick solution to your lock problem.
  • We use only high-quality locks and proven components in our work.
    In the process of opening a door lock, the emergency locksmith Soho uses only high-quality and proven elements from well-known lock brands. We purchase mechanisms and parts from manufacturers directly at a reduced cost.
  • We offer customers a full range of lock services.
    Call us if you need a professional who can carry out lock repair or replacement immediately after the gain of entry to your property.
  • Modern equipment and innovative methods.
    We are at the forefront with new developments and methods in the field of professional door locks opening, repair and replacement. We use professional-grade tools for the safe, quick and damage-free opening of locking mechanisms.
  • Provision of guarantees on replaced elements and quality of work.
    We aim to carry out any lock-related work accurately and safely. Our team has the necessary qualifications which allow us to handle the most challenging tasks with confidence.


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