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Looking for a locksmith in Garage Door Lock Change London?

24 hour emergency service throughout the city

Our team Garage Door Lock Change London has been helping local customers for many years. Just give us a call and the locksmith will arrive at your place within 25 minutes.


We offer professional service for garage door lock installation in London on a 24/7 basis. We have been installing entrance and interior lock mechanisms on doors since 2012. Our experts will help you with valuable advice on selecting the most optimal locking device for your garage door and carry out the lock change of any complexity in the shortest time possible. The locking devices have always been at the first line of protecting your property. A garage door lock installed in compliance with all the rules is a guarantee that the device will fulfil the task set before it and serve properly for a long time.

The change of a locking mechanism, despite the apparent simplicity, requires professional skills and considerable experience; this is especially true for a metal garage door and locks with vertical rods when it is necessary to disassemble the structure in order to carry out a lock change. When called to change the locking device, we often encounter unsuccessful attempts to perform the work, which led to distortion and jamming of the garage door lock. Unqualified work often ends in failure and the subsequent call out of locksmiths. Is it worth it to waste your time and energy? Lock change specialists near you will carry out the necessary work quickly and professionally without damage to the door. We guarantee the highest quality of lock work. The locksmiths working in our company have the necessary experience that helps them cope with different types of garage door locks. Customers can be sure that our specialists have the best equipment to achieve the perfect result in installing a lock on your door.


The prices for the installation of locks in our company are fixed. The price includes all the necessary procedures for installing the garage door locks without any extra charges. We guarantee transparent conduct of business, never impose unnecessary services or charge hidden fees. Choosing the specialists of our company for garage door work, you invest in personal peace of mind and the safety of your loved ones. We strive to carry out the lock change work up to the best standards in the industry regardless of circumstances, as customer satisfaction is paramount for the success of our team. When ordering the lock change with us, you know the final cost of service in advance, which is important for budget planning:

  • Preparation of the site for the lock – included in the lock change cost;
  • Welding work on the manufacture of a pad for a surface-mounted garage door mechanism; single-sheet doors – from 45 pounds;
  • Removal of old door mechanism – included in the installation cost;
  • Replacement of standard kits of fasteners and screws of the door locking device according to the features of the structure – included in the cost;
  • Installation of the customer’s domestic lock in a new place; additional locking device without handles – the cost of change starts from 46 pounds;
  • Installation of the customer’s domestic door mechanism in a new place; additional locking device with handles – the cost of lock change starts from 48 pounds;
  • Installation of a customer’s garage door mechanism, foreign production; additional door device – the cost of garage work starts from 52 pounds;
  • Installation of a customer’s garage locking device, foreign production; an additional device with handles – the cost of garage door work is from 60 pounds;
  • Installation of the customer’s lock, instead of the old locking device; the replacement model is selected that is optimal for installing in place of the old locking mechanism – the cost of the work is about 50 pounds.


Our company has been operating since 2012. We carry out the following types of work:

  • Installation of locks;
  • Repair of locks;
  • Change of locks;
  • Repair of metal doors;
  • Installation of closers;
  • Welding works.

Our locksmiths will select high-quality, reliable locks for your door and install them as soon as possible. We install locks in any type of door:

  • Installation of locks in a metal door;
  • Installation of locks in the interior door;
  • Installation of locks on a garage door;
  • Installation of locks on uPVC doors.

We are available for call outs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can count on us whenever you need high-quality locking device change at affordable prices.


If you want to fit a new garage locking mechanism in addition to an already installed device, it is recommended to consider the options for a combination of locks:

  • If there is a lever mechanism, install a second locking device with a security cylinder;
  • If you have a mechanical device, consider adding a high-security electronic locking device that can be opened without a key.

If you want to carry out a lock change in place of the old mechanism, we recommend that you contact London locksmiths for advice. Based on the parameters of your door, our qualified locksmith will select several replacement options, offer you a choice, give a detailed description of each of the proposed locking devices, guide you in terms of prices and carry the garage door mechanism replacement with high-quality and provision of guarantees. When installing a lock on an inter-area door, it is possible to order the required number of keys. The delivery time for such a locking device is up to two working days. The service life of a locking mechanism using original keys is much longer when compared to using keys made with the help of improvised means. When ordering the lock change service with the Emergency Locksmith 24 company, you can buy a lock either yourself or from us. The prices for the company’s locks are close to wholesale, which is undoubtedly more profitable than buying a door lock in a store, paying trade margins.

If you do not have a clear understanding of which model of the garage mechanism to choose, it is possible to deliver several options for different locks and select the model for your garage door on the spot. You can get detailed information on the garage door lock models, their technical characteristics, features of a particular door lock by calling us at 02045139665. Our experts will advise you, help you choose high-quality, reliable locks at reasonable prices. Prices for the installation of our locks are listed on the website. The price includes the cost of the locking device, taking into account the garage door lock change labour. We give a 1-year warranty for all work on installing locks. Entrust the safety of your London property to our professionals. Our arrival time averages 20 minutes.


Very often, together with the garage door lock change services, they use the garage door lock installation services and garage door lock repair services.


Robert Rivera google

Robert Rivera


star star star star star

We received an excellent service from the team. They were professional, hard working and even carried out an extra request at no charge - all in all a great service

Justin Johnson google

Justin Johnson


star star star star star

Fast and friendly service. I often have to make keys for work. I always use the services of these guys. They are great!

Henry Porkinson google

Henry Porkinson


star star star star star

I lost my keys and found myself in a difficult situation. Mr Rubin kept my spirits up, came quickly, did the job well. Just rescued me, thank you very much.

Sandra Mazur google

Sandra Mazur


star star star star star

I had a chance to deal with this company last Friday, I came home for lunch, but I could not get into the apartment, I opened one lock, and the second in no way, I could not turn the key at all. As a result, I found this company on the Internet and asked them to send a master to me in the evening. At the agreed time, the master was already waiting for me near the entrance, and after 15-20 minutes I was already in my apartment. It turned out to be neatly opened. I am glad that everything went without problems, quickly and relatively inexpensive

Mauricio Vanuoni google

Mauricio Vanuoni


star star star star star

For the first time I had a chance to contact such a company, I stupidly slammed the door last Sunday, really, like a story in the movie, I jumped out into the store, and when I heard the door slam behind me I realized that the keys were in the apartment. I called this organization, they promised to send the master as soon as possible. And they did not disappoint, for less than an hour I waited for his arrival, a smart little man. He worked for about 10 minutes, slowly, and voila, the door is open.

Jack Smith google

Jack Smith


star star star star star

An unpleasant situation occurred, the door to the apartment slammed, and the keys were left on the other side. I don’t keep a backup option from my neighbors, but my wife was on a business trip. The phone was with me, I found this company on the Internet and called. The master arrived very promptly. Within an hour I was there. He quickly opened the lock.

Rachel E google

Rachel E.


star star star star star

I called these guys in hopes they would do a good job on replacing my door locks. I must say, the locksmith, if I remember correctly, his name is John, handled the job with ease, and my locks are working perfectly up to the present moment. Thanks a bunch!

Kira N google

Kira N.


star star star star star

Thank you very much for such a good job done. These people certainly know their business. Get the job done very quickly. I was recommended to me by a friend and I was satisfied. Thanks again!!!!!


Kian k.


star star star star star

Had troubles opening my door lock once in a while. I decided to take care of the business before it gets worse. As I don't know much about locks, I called this company. The locksmith came to me in 20 minutes, checked the lock, and told me it needs cleaning. He finished the job in a few minutes. Must say I'm pleased with the level of service. They are somebody I can rely on. Definitely recommend them.



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4.9 out of 5.0 from 283 reviews


24 hour emergency service


Cash & EC payment


Door opening without damage


At your door in 10 - 30 minutes

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Qualified Locksmith in London

Are you locked out of your apartment in London? Need to open the front door without keys? Look no further than our London Locksmith team near you. Vast experience in working with various door locks allows us to gain entry without causing any damage in 98% of cases. It is practically impossible to open modern locks without relevant skills and special tools. It is in your best interests to get in touch with your local locksmith service at the first signs of a problem with the door mechanism. Locksmith London is ready to take on tasks of any complexity with confidence.

Our field of expertise has to do with door locks, including replacement, installation, repair and opening services. If you are searching for a reliable locksmith service London near me, then you've arrived at the right place! Locksmith London has got you covered whether it's the opening of a residential or commercial property, installation of high-security locks conforming to British Standard 3621, keys cutting and more. If your car locks are giving you trouble, and you need to open the door without damage, then our auto locksmith team near you is on 24 / 7 duty, ready to swiftly assist you in a car lockout emergency.

Locked out? Don’t panic!

Never succumb to despair if you are locked out of your house, office, car or garage. The goal of our local locksmith company is to provide reliable assistance to locked out residents in times they need it the most! London locksmiths deliver on their promises - speed, professionalism and fair pricing. You won't have to worry about the security of your home after the work of experts. We never leave the customer unprotected after an emergency door opening. Before his departure, the locksmith will ensure that door locks are performing 100 % and capable of keeping your premises safe from unauthorised entry.


We offer a wide range of electrical services, including installation, maintenance, repair, and testing of electrical systems. Our team of electricians are experienced in dealing with both domestic and commercial properties.

Yes, we offer 24/7 emergency electrical services in London. Our team of electricians is available to handle any urgent electrical issue you may be facing, day or night.

Yes, all our electricians are fully qualified and insured. They have undergone extensive training and have the necessary qualifications to handle any electrical issue.

The time it takes to complete an electrical job depends on the size and complexity of the project. We will provide you with an estimated timeline during the initial consultation and keep you updated throughout the project.

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Important information for our customers in Garage Door Lock Change London

Since the locksmiths arranged by us are independent entrepreneurs, the costs are determined by them themselves. If you open your apartment or front door during the day, you can expect costs between 60£ and 159£ plus travel expenses - at night, on weekends and on public holidays there are surcharges of up to 100%. The mentioned “from” price of 29 GBR applies to the cheapest opening (e.g. simply opening a tumbler lock with a lockpick), but not for house or apartment doors.

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The key emergency service is not only there for the doors of houses and apartments. He is also your serious and reliable partner for opening cars in Garage Door Lock Change London. The car opening is carried out for you by specialized experts who can usually offer a damage-free work. The locksmith teams are also convincing when faced with complex challenges.

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