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Looking for a locksmith in Lock Repair London?

24 hour emergency service throughout the city

Our team Lock Repair London has been helping local customers for many years. Just give us a call and the locksmith will arrive at your place within 25 minutes.


Are you looking for a door lock repair specialist in London? Has the loss of keys or breakdown of the lock prompted you to think about the safety of your commercial or residential property? To ensure reliable protection of the premises, you should take care of finding a qualified locksmith who can carry out the locking mechanism repairs with the provision of official guarantees. Each member of our team has many years of experience in the field of locks repair and fitting. We take on tasks of any complexity and provide the most optimal lock repair solutions at affordable prices. Our locksmith will secure your London property in one visit bringing you peace of mind in the safety of your loved ones and belongings. Upon his arrival, the specialist will immediately carry out free diagnostics and identify the cause of lock malfunction on the spot.

For many homeowners, the choice of a lock on the front door can be difficult. Models come in different configurations, cylinder, lever, disc and more. Your experience with the further operation of the device depends on the correct repair and qualifications of a locksmith. Every year our customer base is expanding, as we deliver the best service possible in each case regardless of circumstances:<

  • A local locksmith will arrive at the place of call in London within 30 minutes from the moment of receiving the order;
  • After the completion of work, you’ll be issued a warranty card for the parts used in repairs;
  • All work is performed up to the best standards in the industry. We deal with all lock models of both foreign and domestic manufacture;
  • Our team has the necessary means to ensure high reliability of repaired locking devices;
  • Our prices are among the most competitive in the area as we are in direct partnership with the leading manufacturers of lock devices and suppliers of spare parts;
  • 100% compliance with the insurance company’s security requirements and safety standards. We install locks conforming to British Standards 3621.

Still have questions? Then give us a call at any hour of day and night. We’ll be happy to provide you with the details about our work and help you in finding the right solution for securing your home or office premises. The consultation is free! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain calling our lock service. Choosing us for servicing your door lock is the best solution that will certainly pay off.


Loss of keys, wear of the mechanism, an attempt to break into the apartment, failure of individual lock elements are the main arguments that the owner of the apartment will use the services of specialists. Some seek to save money on a professional lock repair and intervene on their own. You should avoid making rash decisions as the damage to the door can prove to be costly to repair. Initial costs can be minimal and it is important to think about the further safety of your property. The selection of a high-quality mechanism, its installation and repair are best left to the locksmith professionals. We offer nothing less than excellent lock repair service. A qualified specialist will determine the degree of the wear of the locking mechanism and immediately replace faulty mechanical parts.

Our clients have found that the permanent enjoyment of quality is much better than the temporary sweetness of low cost. You will appreciate the promptness of the response of the locksmith for the lock repair, the quality of work performed and the affordability of our prices. The specialist will competently select the best model of locking mechanism taking into account the security requirements and features of your front door. After coming to an agreement with you on the job details, he will proceed with the lock replacement and issue a warranty card upon the completion of work. If you need professional services for repairing your door locks, we are available around the clock ready to respond at a moment’s notice.


Please note that we repair locks in all types of doors in one visit of the master with all the necessary tools and accessories. You can keep doing household chores and let the technician fix the broken mechanism at home or office. If you need a professional locksmith to fix or adjust a door lock, then you have come to the right place. For more than 10 years, our specialists have been able to perform work with high quality guaranteeing excellent results. A clear indication of the reliability of our service is the provision of guarantees and compliance with obligations. The cost of repairing door locks depends on several factors. In any case, the locksmith will give you an estimate after an on-site assessment prior to proceeding with the work. Call us for:

  • Strengthening of door handles;
  • Changing locking mechanisms, worn hinges;
  • Boring and adjustment of the vertical crab system;
  • Inserting additional latches into a metal door;
  • Fixing door locks with a visit to the worksite;

Noticing mechanical damage, many begin to eliminate defects. However, this is not always prudent. Damage to the key, incorrect installation, broken drive, broken spring are common problems that arise for inexperienced performers who repair the door mechanism without the participation of specialists. We offer partial or complete repairs of locks in London. The price depends on the quality of the manufacturer’s components. If we compare the original Italian models and Chinese counterparts, then the choice is obvious. Our advantages include the following:

  • Prompt response. We value time, so we instantly respond to an application, solve the problem quickly;
  • A wide range of work performed. Solving non-standard tasks related to installation, change of locks, repairs of entrance doors at home;
  • Quality. Change of the front door hardware elements, change of seats, adjustment of hinges and handles are performed reliably and competently.
  • Affordable prices. We understand our clients, we take into account the financial budget. Therefore, the current cost of services is affordable to everyone.
  • Free visit of the master. We are convinced that you will appreciate impeccable service and swift arrival.
  • Guarantees. We will seal the deal by providing long-term guarantees.

Has the locking mechanism on the front door broken? Don’t have time and energy for repairs? You no longer need to look for a master, compare prices, run around shops to buy a locking element and install it yourself. Shift the burden of worries onto the shoulders of professionals. We provide services on a 24/7 basis for customers in London and surrounding areas. The locksmith will arrive on the day you contact our company with a set of tools and the best models of lock products.


Have you wanted to change the lock for a long time, but haven’t chosen a suitable model? Don’t know anything about accessories and manufacturers? Well, you don’t need to figure it out. While you are doing your usual business, we’ll solve problems for you. Our lock replacement service is chosen because we offer:

  • Change of locks of the entrance metal door with the departure of the locksmith within 10 minutes after the application;
  • Reliable locks at wholesale prices, well-proven in intensive use;
  • Installation in an hour, installation of complex and non-standard systems;
  • Two locks change with up to 30% discount;
  • Huge assortment of locking devices.

We will bring the best mechanisms in their original packaging, levers and cylinders. No tedious shopping trips are necessary on your part; just an excellent result without hassle. Our repair service has been successfully operating in London for over 10 years. We know how to carry out the process competently and inexpensively. Working with us, you save on buying new locking devices and repairs. We install locking systems that last for years. You can rely on our professionalism:

  • A locksmith will take into account the budget, select a model based on security requirements;
  • Provision of long-term guarantees;
  • We will replace faulty mechanisms under warranty absolutely free of charge;
  • You pay for the lock repair upon completion, the cost is fixed.

Yes, you can do the work yourself using the tools at hand; however, in this case, guarantees, quality of services, the competent selection is out of the question. Make a choice in favour of professionals; you deserve the best service. We have mobile locksmith units staged throughout the city on 24-hour duty which ensures speed of response and prompt solution of lock related problems. In case an agreement is made on the provision of services, the call out of a locksmith is free.

We cooperate with suppliers directly, offer fair prices, discounts, free call outs. All employees are local to the area and will arrive at your place as quickly as possible. We carry out the work in one call, after that, there is no need to redo anything, eliminate minor problems. Repair of locking devices is one of our main areas of expertise. Call us, we will competently restore the correct functionality of your door locks.


Very often, together with the lock repair services, they use the locked out services and safe locksmith services.


Robert Rivera google

Robert Rivera


star star star star star

We received an excellent service from the team. They were professional, hard working and even carried out an extra request at no charge - all in all a great service

Justin Johnson google

Justin Johnson


star star star star star

Fast and friendly service. I often have to make keys for work. I always use the services of these guys. They are great!

Henry Porkinson google

Henry Porkinson


star star star star star

I lost my keys and found myself in a difficult situation. Mr Rubin kept my spirits up, came quickly, did the job well. Just rescued me, thank you very much.

Sandra Mazur google

Sandra Mazur


star star star star star

I had a chance to deal with this company last Friday, I came home for lunch, but I could not get into the apartment, I opened one lock, and the second in no way, I could not turn the key at all. As a result, I found this company on the Internet and asked them to send a master to me in the evening. At the agreed time, the master was already waiting for me near the entrance, and after 15-20 minutes I was already in my apartment. It turned out to be neatly opened. I am glad that everything went without problems, quickly and relatively inexpensive

Mauricio Vanuoni google

Mauricio Vanuoni


star star star star star

For the first time I had a chance to contact such a company, I stupidly slammed the door last Sunday, really, like a story in the movie, I jumped out into the store, and when I heard the door slam behind me I realized that the keys were in the apartment. I called this organization, they promised to send the master as soon as possible. And they did not disappoint, for less than an hour I waited for his arrival, a smart little man. He worked for about 10 minutes, slowly, and voila, the door is open.

Jack Smith google

Jack Smith


star star star star star

An unpleasant situation occurred, the door to the apartment slammed, and the keys were left on the other side. I don’t keep a backup option from my neighbors, but my wife was on a business trip. The phone was with me, I found this company on the Internet and called. The master arrived very promptly. Within an hour I was there. He quickly opened the lock.

Rachel E google

Rachel E.


star star star star star

I called these guys in hopes they would do a good job on replacing my door locks. I must say, the locksmith, if I remember correctly, his name is John, handled the job with ease, and my locks are working perfectly up to the present moment. Thanks a bunch!

Kira N google

Kira N.


star star star star star

Thank you very much for such a good job done. These people certainly know their business. Get the job done very quickly. I was recommended to me by a friend and I was satisfied. Thanks again!!!!!


Kian k.


star star star star star

Had troubles opening my door lock once in a while. I decided to take care of the business before it gets worse. As I don't know much about locks, I called this company. The locksmith came to me in 20 minutes, checked the lock, and told me it needs cleaning. He finished the job in a few minutes. Must say I'm pleased with the level of service. They are somebody I can rely on. Definitely recommend them.




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4.9 out of 5.0 from 283 reviews


24 hour emergency service


Cash & EC payment


Door opening without damage


At your door in 10 - 30 minutes

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Qualified Locksmith in London

Are you locked out of your apartment in London? Need to open the front door without keys? Look no further than our London Locksmith team near you. Vast experience in working with various door locks allows us to gain entry without causing any damage in 98% of cases. It is practically impossible to open modern locks without relevant skills and special tools. It is in your best interests to get in touch with your local locksmith service at the first signs of a problem with the door mechanism. Locksmith London is ready to take on tasks of any complexity with confidence.

Our field of expertise has to do with door locks, including replacement, installation, repair and opening services. If you are searching for a reliable locksmith service London near me, then you've arrived at the right place! Locksmith London has got you covered whether it's the opening of a residential or commercial property, installation of high-security locks conforming to British Standard 3621, keys cutting and more. If your car locks are giving you trouble, and you need to open the door without damage, then our auto locksmith team near you is on 24 / 7 duty, ready to swiftly assist you in a car lockout emergency.

Locked out? Don’t panic!

Never succumb to despair if you are locked out of your house, office, car or garage. The goal of our local locksmith company is to provide reliable assistance to locked out residents in times they need it the most! London locksmiths deliver on their promises - speed, professionalism and fair pricing. You won't have to worry about the security of your home after the work of experts. We never leave the customer unprotected after an emergency door opening. Before his departure, the locksmith will ensure that door locks are performing 100 % and capable of keeping your premises safe from unauthorised entry.


We offer a wide range of electrical services, including installation, maintenance, repair, and testing of electrical systems. Our team of electricians are experienced in dealing with both domestic and commercial properties.

Yes, we offer 24/7 emergency electrical services in London. Our team of electricians is available to handle any urgent electrical issue you may be facing, day or night.

Yes, all our electricians are fully qualified and insured. They have undergone extensive training and have the necessary qualifications to handle any electrical issue.

The time it takes to complete an electrical job depends on the size and complexity of the project. We will provide you with an estimated timeline during the initial consultation and keep you updated throughout the project.

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Important information for our customers in Lock Repair London

Since the locksmiths arranged by us are independent entrepreneurs, the costs are determined by them themselves. If you open your apartment or front door during the day, you can expect costs between 60£ and 159£ plus travel expenses - at night, on weekends and on public holidays there are surcharges of up to 100%. The mentioned “from” price of 29 GBR applies to the cheapest opening (e.g. simply opening a tumbler lock with a lockpick), but not for house or apartment doors.

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Auto Locksmith

The key emergency service is not only there for the doors of houses and apartments. He is also your serious and reliable partner for opening cars in Lock Repair London. The car opening is carried out for you by specialized experts who can usually offer a damage-free work. The locksmith teams are also convincing when faced with complex challenges.

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