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Several ways to open an accidentally locked car

Call a locksmith to open car doors Сall relatives Break glass Knock out the lock larva Use wires and hooks Surely many have heard about the following situation, and someone even found themselves in it – the door locks were locked, and the keys remained either in the ignition switch (the engine can run), or […]

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How to open the safe without a key and a code

How can and in what way can you open the safe Open the safe door How to open a safe without a key and a code Cracking the safe How to open an digital safe How to open a safe with a limb lock (twist) How to open a code safe What can be concluded […]

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Replacing the lock on the entrance metal door

Table of contents Popular models of locks by type of mechanism Replacing the front door lock cylinder (Kale): step by step instructions The procedure for replacing the cylinder lock The need to replace the lock or lock cylinder on the front door may arise in a number of quite everyday situations. For example, if the […]

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Open a slammed door yourself

Door closed? What to do? Open a closed door yourself?

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Locked out – Call the caretaker or a locksmith?

Who hasn’t experienced this? The door is locked and the key is either still on the hall cupboard

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How much does a locksmith cost at the weekend?

It happens quickly. You leave your flat and even as the door slams into the lock, you panic and think of the key that is still in the flat.

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Electronic locking systems

With the increasing security requirements, not only for very large and complex buildings, but also for smaller residential units or similar, the installation of electronic locking systems is becoming more and more important.

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Not everyone can open a safe without damage

Good news for owners of safes who, for a variety of reasons, can no longer open their safe themselves:

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Where can I have my key made?

Whether it’s the loss of your key ring or another person in your household – there are many reasons why a key should be duplicated

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Effective burglary protection: Where do I start?

The number of burglaries reported annually in Germany has long since cracked the 150,000 mark.

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Tenant or landlord? Who pays for the locksmith

Time and again, disputes arise between landlords and tenants over the question of who has to pay for the necessary locksmith service.

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How to secure your home from thieves

A burglary always means material loss and damage to the house. In addition, the personal sense of security of the residents is also greatly burdened.

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