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How to get a broken key out of a lock

Key broke in the lock? Need to remove it? Either call a locksmith, either… This is a common problem that keeps reappearing, while many people call a locksmith to fix this problem, there are also ways to try and fix it yourself. Here are some options that you can try to remove a broken key […]

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Common door lock problems

Locks have always been the weak point of front doors. Their mechanisms often fail and require professional intervention. The reasons for the malfunction of the door lock can be very different. Even the highest quality front door lock will fail without timely maintenance. You can deal with the lock problem on your own, but it […]

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How to open a garage lock

Garage lock problems arise quite often since unfavourable weather conditions such as rain and snow constantly affect the garage door. Outdoor conditions lead to increased wear of the parts of the lock resulting in the mechanism’s poor performance. If the device is jammed, you will have to figure out how to open the lock first […]

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Why won’t the front door lock open?

A broken key can be an unpleasant experience. Excessive force while opening or locking the mechanism may cause severe damage to the working surface of a key. Lost keys will prevent you not only from entering your home or office premises, but also pose a security threat as no one can guarantee that they haven’t […]

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How to replace locks on front doors?

Replacement of locks with a cylinder locking mechanism Installing a new lock Replacement of lever locks in London Before changing the lock, you need to understand what type of device is installed in your doors. Most likely, it will be either a cylinder or a lever – they are the most common in recent years. […]

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Garage locks opening

Common Garage Lock Problems The Cost of Opening a Garage Lock The Features of Opening a Garage Lock Benefits of Choosing Our Service Londonlocksmith247 specializes in emergency opening and replacement of locks of any complexity, including garage locks. Our specialists are ready to come to the facility at any time of the day and provide […]

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Several ways to open an accidentally locked car

Call a locksmith to open car doors Сall relatives Break glass Knock out the lock larva Use wires and hooks Surely many have heard about the following situation, and someone even found themselves in it – the door locks were locked, and the keys remained either in the ignition switch (the engine can run), or […]

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How to open the safe without a key and a code

How can and in what way can you open the safe Open the safe door How to open a safe without a key and a code Cracking the safe How to open an digital safe How to open a safe with a limb lock (twist) How to open a code safe What can be concluded […]

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Replacing the lock on the entrance metal door

Table of contents Popular models of locks by type of mechanism Replacing the front door lock cylinder (Kale): step by step instructions The procedure for replacing the cylinder lock The need to replace the lock or lock cylinder on the front door may arise in a number of quite everyday situations. For example, if the […]

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Open a slammed door yourself

Door closed? What to do? Open a closed door yourself?

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Locked out – Call the caretaker or a locksmith?

Who hasn’t experienced this? The door is locked and the key is either still on the hall cupboard

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How much does a locksmith cost at the weekend?

It happens quickly. You leave your flat and even as the door slams into the lock, you panic and think of the key that is still in the flat.

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