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How much does a locksmith cost at the weekend?

It happens quickly. You leave the apartment, and even when the door slams in the lock, you panic and think about the key that is still in the apartment. But it’s too late, the door is locked, and you are locked.

The only thing that can help is a locksmith if you have no other way to get a spare key. But first things first:

Please calm down!

First of all, you should calmly think if you have left a spare key somewhere. People often leave the key to their parents, siblings, or good friends for just such situations. It’s good if you did the same. It’s bad if the keeper of your spare key is on vacation or away from home.

The landlord may have left himself a spare key in case of an emergency, so it’s best to call him. This will save you time and money. Usually the homeowner is not allowed to keep the key. You must expressly agree with this.

If you and your landlord really don’t have a spare key, your only recourse is to call a locksmith. But so often it happens on weekends. What costs can you expect?

Table of contents

  • How much can a locksmith cost on a weekend?
  • What prices are said for respectable castle craftsmen?
  • Why do locksmith allowances at all?
  • What if the costs are too high?

How much can a locksmith cost at the weekend

Locksmith costs vary so much that no general claims can be made. Since this is especially true at night, it is unlikely that anyone will have the patience to search the Internet for the cheapest deal. Therefore, it is advisable to compare prices in advance and always have the number of the best locksmith with you. This way, you are protected from extortionate prices from some of the vendors taking advantage of your predicament.

Tip: If the locksmith you are calling charges inflated prices and requires you to pay immediately, you should call the police and file a complaint.

What prices are said for respectable castle craftsmen?

Usually reputable locksmiths don’t charge too much money for simply opening a door outside of business hours. On weekends and at night these prices can, of course, be slightly increased. For you, this means you don’t have to pay exorbitant prices for reputable craftsmen at night or on weekends.

Now, of course, there are different pricing models from different suppliers. Whether it’s a fixed markup or a phased markup. You should always choose the vendor with the most transparent pricing model. This way, you can better estimate in advance the costs that you will have to incur.

Why do locksmith allowances at all?

Many people don’t realize that locksmiths are on duty on weekends and at night. Even if the work is no different from the daytime, the company only has higher costs for night shifts and work on weekends. So, in principle, it is okay to pay extra for overnight assignments or weekend assignments. They just shouldn’t escalate into usury.
Locksmiths – serious prices at a glance

Depending on whether you order just a doorway or a replacement lock at the same time, on weekends and at night, the esteemed locksmiths bear the following maximum costs:

After 22:00 and Saturdays: Normal price + supplement for special times on Sundays and at night on weekends: opening price after 22:00. and on Saturdays + surcharge on weekends.

Please note that only simple work is meant here. Sometimes it is a little more complicated, and then much higher costs arise, which are usually paid at the rate of a quarter of an hour. Here, too, the individual fees are sometimes so different that only comparison can help.

What if the costs are too high?

In simple cases, and without changing the lock, night and weekend maintenance shouldn’t be too expensive. If this seems too much, then the following is possible: in this case, you have the opportunity to first pay a deposit and then check the account at a counseling center. In the case of very high prices and whenever a locksmith tries to get you to sign, you should always call the police.

Before going to court, you should always check to see if prices are just below the so-called usury limit or above it. If they are just below the usury limit, there is no point in going to court – you will have to bear your costs. Only if the costs exceed the usury limit is it worth hiring a lawyer. Often, a lawyer can out-of-court an invoice to a reasonable cost. In this case, the attorney’s fees are usually paid by a locksmith.


The safest solution is to always have the locksmith number of your choice ready when nothing has happened yet. It’s up to you whether you save the number on your mobile phone or remember the company name.

The important thing is to compare prices beforehand, read testimonials and decide on a locksmith. Once you have locked yourself out – and then in the middle of the night – you might be inclined to accept any offer just to get into your home as quickly as possible.

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