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Locked out – Call the caretaker or a locksmith?

Who hasn’t experienced this? The door is locked and the key is either still on the hall cupboard or it is stuck in the door lock from the inside. A much worse shock is when you come home and the key is not in your jacket pocket or handbag, where it should always be handy.

Locked out - call a locksmith or a caretaker?
The key is stuck from the inside - "The caretaker will fix it".
Locksmiths - Competent and always available

Locked out – call a locksmith or a caretaker?

At the time of the incident, however, you don’t always have it ready in your head. Instead of starting headlong, it is advisable to look at the problem calmly and intelligently from the back. Draw the right conclusions for the right solution in advance, so to speak. “This has never happened to me before” A moment without thinking or distracted, and it happens. Without inserting the key, the door slams shut behind you. The hectic pace of our time is a constant companion. It starts when you leave your own four walls. Mobile phone, identity card, notebook, cheque cards – our thoughts are often more on these constant and oh-so-important companions than on the plain, but really important front door key. We always try not to lose or forget the key. And if it does happen, the consequences are not only annoying, no, they can also quickly become really expensive. In order to get back into your flat, you have two very different solutions at your disposal. The caretaker with his manual skills is one of them. A professional locksmith such as Locksmith London is another, and as explained below, the latter is a far better option. You should rather call us, the locksmith service London.

The key is in from the inside – “The caretaker will fix it”.

As soon as you as a tenant have received the key from your landlord, you are legally the sole user of the rented property. At the same time, however, you are also the sole person responsible in the event of a key loss in the sense of “leaving the key stuck inside” or “losing the key”. As the tenant, you alone must bear the costs incurred to remedy this unfortunate situation if it is your own fault. Private liability insurance does not automatically cover you either. Unless you have agreed an additional module of key insurance in your private liability insurance. And there, too, a distinction is made between “private keys” and “third-party private keys”. The unfortunate situation of being locked out leads you involuntarily into the world of good intentions of days gone by. This certainly includes the most famous of all precautionary measures, namely that of always leaving a spare key with friends, neighbours, relatives or the caretaker. Your realisation is sobering. In four words: But you didn’t! What now? You should add the word “right” to the question “what do I do now? Because you can do a lot right, but also just as much wrong. Provided your flat is in a caretaker-managed housing complex, you have another option – besides calling a professional locksmith such as Locksmith London – to ask this gentleman for help to have the door opened into your familiar realm. You may even be relieved to learn that you have known each other for a long time and that this option seems the best possible – because it also appears to be the most problem-free. “And anyway,” you will think to yourself, “the locksmith you hire will certainly not solve your problem so cheaply and without much effort.” If your decision has been made in this direction, you will still encounter consequences – albeit different ones than those caused by a locksmith – that are not really clearly visible at the first moment of your decision, but they do exist! And they are quite tricky. It’s not so much about the actual help of opening the door, but about any legal “side effects” hidden in this familiar and unspectacular assistance. The not unimportant question arises: What is meant by this if the friendly and seemingly uncomplicated help of the familiar and sympathetic caretaker latently has its legal pitfalls and snags after all? And this despite all the advantages in the segments of uncomplicatedness, speed and price. And this assumes that your door is a normal lock and not an integrated, technically sophisticated high-tech locking system. You will certainly not necessarily know whether the caretaker is authorised to open your door at all. For that, he must be authorised by the homeowner. After all, it is a question of forcibly opening the door. Whether with a bicycle spoke, cheque card or drill. Emergencies may involve the use of extraordinary means, but damage can still occur and must be legally assigned. Clarification is necessary. It is understandable that the tenant wants to have his flat door opened as soon as possible. → The decision – for a superficially cheaper variant to have the front door opened with the help of a caretaker – contains the decisive point of awarding the contract. If you commission your caretaker to open your front door in a situation that is your own fault, without having made prior arrangements with your landlord, you are the sole client in terms of the invoice and the settlement of any damages that may arise. These can quickly run into four figures if handled unprofessionally. → With this knowledge, the alternative “call a locksmith” becomes more and more conclusive. Call the locksmith Charlottenburg now.

Locksmith service – Competent and always available

The front door key is undoubtedly one of the most important things we have to deal with every day. Losing it often brings with it dangers that do not allow us to postpone action. Potatoes on the turned-on cooker, running bath water, are just two examples of many that can quickly turn a mishap into a catastrophe. Reliable help and professional work with specialist know-how is now called for. Only a quick and high-quality job will prevent possible additional damage. Locksmiths cost money. True! But unlike amateur locksmiths and unskilled caretakers, they have up-to-date specialist knowledge of a wide variety of locks and technically sophisticated locking systems. In addition, reputable locksmiths guarantee a transparent overall service with a perfect price-performance ratio. Locksmiths not only guarantee to be on site within 20-40 minutes, their 24-hour emergency assistance also includes gentle door opening. The claim of reputable locksmiths is of course to deliver one hundred percent non-destructive work. If the locksmith offers precisely this non-destructive work explicitly and expressly, he is liable for any damage. If he does not do this, the locksmith can claim that he was commissioned to open the door “by force”. The client is therefore not entitled to compensation. Unless you as the client can prove that the locksmith deliberately and intentionally caused damage that cannot be attributed to the category of “usual opening damage”. In this case, the locksmith is liable. The so-called “black sheep” are a headache for every industry. Especially in the “locksmith” segment, one hears adventurous stories when it comes to billing for assistance outside normal business hours. It is not uncommon to hear the word “rip-off”. Reputable companies also impress with transparency and comprehensible prices. Higher fees are permissible for work on Sundays and public holidays. After weighing up all the advantages and disadvantages, you are well advised to prefer a professional locksmith to “just” a caretaker. Of course, neither option comes close to the advantages of a future precaution of depositing a spare key away from home. Then the minor scatterbrainedness of a locked front door is quickly dealt with. Without stress, without a bill and without possible collateral damage. Perfect!

If you find yourself locked out of your home or office in London, don’t panic. Help is just a call away! You can rely on the expertise of a professional locksmith London to swiftly resolve your lockout situation. Whether you’re in Isleworth or any other area in London, a locksmith from our trusted team can come to your location and provide efficient and reliable lockout solutions. Our locksmiths are highly skilled and experienced in handling various types of locks, including garage door locks. So, if you’re ever locked out of your garage, you can count on our specialized garage door locksmith service to get you back inside quickly and safely.


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