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How to get a broken key out of a lock

Key broke in the lock? Need to remove it?

Either call a locksmith, either…

This is a common problem that keeps reappearing, while many people call a locksmith to fix this problem, there are also ways to try and fix it yourself. Here are some options that you can try to remove a broken key out of the lock:

Removing a broken key from the keyhole using improvised means

A bobby pin, paper clip or hair clip can be quite useful in situations like these, so try using them if possible. If the broken part of the key isn’t too far in the lock, then the likelihood of you being able to get the broken key out is going to be greater. Try to focus when inserting these materials, and make sure not to use force because this can cause the broken key to be pushed further into the lock. The deeper the broken key is in the lock, the harder it is to get it out. You should not lose hope, if your first attempt is unsuccessful, always try a few more times because who knows, you might get it out the fourth time trying. Make sure that the material you use, is small and able to fit in without causing any damage. If while trying to remove the broken key out with a bobby pin, your bobby pin happens to brake off then we advise you to have a locksmith come by and get the broken material and your key out. Having no experience or knowledge can make u accidentally cause damage to your lock, which will lead to you having to replace your lock as a whole.

Also, useful materials to use, to get your broken key out:

  • Hair clip (specifically metal ones)
  • Safety pin
  • Pin badge

Pick style key extractor tool

Due to the fact that we don’t know exactly what has caused your key to break inside your lock, we recommend to not try to use the other half of your key to get the broken key out or to open or close your lock. This will cause further damage and push the key in further, and only make matters worse and make the chances of you getting your broken key out smaller. So if u have a pick style key extractor tool, make sure to use it. If u don’t have any experience or knowledge on how to use this tool the best way, don’t worry because there are enough videos online that show you exactly how to use them. The video down below will show exactly how to use this extractor:

After having watched the video, try to compare your situation and see if you are able to get your broken key out. Make sure you use the right key extractor profile, because there are many sizes available. If your lock is on the smaller side, then make sure you use the smaller pick style key extractor profile. With the tip of the extractor try to get a hold of the broken key and when you do, pull the key out carefully.

If you have difficulty using the key extractor, try asking a family member, neighbor or a friend on how to get your broken key out of your lock using this tool, chances of them having experienced this can be small but definitely not non-existent. If all fails, then contacting a locksmith in your area will be your best option. The costs of a locksmith removing the broken key will be far less, then having to replace your entire lock.

Removing the key with a pair of tweezers

A broken key that sticks out in the lock, is easily extracted with the right tools. You can use tweezers to make sure not to push the broken key piece in, and get it out within seconds. If your key snapped in lock, then using materials like a tweezer will be a better option. A tweezer should be as thin and small as possible, to successfully extract the broken key out of the lock. The following tweezers (see picture) are best to use for this situation. Don’t get discouraged after many attempts, make sure you try different angles when trying to remove the broken key out of the lock.


Use of lubricant

Another technique on how to get a broken key out of a lock, is through the use of lubricants. There are many different lubricants on the market, oil-based lubricants can do the job but using too much can cause the inside of a lock to gum up. WD-40 is one of the lubricants that can damage the inside of your lock if not used properly, this is why it is so important to do your research before using any type of lubricant. It is recommended to use dry lubricants for these situations and problems. Dry lubricant such as 3-IN-ONE Lock Dry Lube can reach with much ease into any narrow lock with its straw, this is why this specific dry lubricant is recommended by many locksmiths. It is important for the straw to be as this as possible, to avoid any damage to the lock and to avoid pushing the key in further. Make sure to spray enough in the lock to be able to get the key out, don’t worry about leaving any residue, because 3-In-One Lock Dry Lube dries up very fast and doesn’t dirty the lock or door.

Contact us

If your broken key is stuck in lock, and you have tried all the options above, then it is be best to contact our locksmith in your area. It is not recommended to use materials and tools that can damage your lock, therefore you should stay away from materials that are too big or sharp to use. We also strongly advise against using tools that are not specifically made to extract a key from a lock, to avoid damaging your lock and key. A damaged lock cannot easily be fixed, and replacing it will cost you more than having us extract your broken key from your lock, that is why contacting our locksmith is needed in some cases. Don’t hesitate and make use of our services if you find yourself helpless.

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Advice from our locksmith


Tips on how to avoid breaking your key in your lock:

  • Don’t leave your key in your lock
  • If your key gets stuck in the lock, avoid moving your key
  • Lubricate your lock more often
  • Make sure your key is not damaged
  • Avoid using the wrong key
  • Replace your lock if it is damaged

If you still have questions on how to remove a broken key from a lock, then you call always contact us via mail or call us. We are available 24/7, so an emergency will always be prioritized by our locksmith.


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