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Problems with door locks

When choosing a front door, you should pay attention to many factors, including the reliability of the locking mechanism. It is important to remember that no matter how strong the device is, over time it may fail. You may need to open the lock in London, if you can not open the door yourself. Our company officers are ready to solve this problem quickly.

Important moments

There are several basic types of malfunctions, which can be encountered most often. For example, there may be a problem with the reed of the lock. If it does not occupy the right place when closing the door, it may be a matter of insufficient diameter of the hole designed for it. Also, this malfunction can occur with the warping of the door, as well as wear and tear of the mechanism during prolonged use.

If the key in the lock does not turn properly or jams when opening, it is worth checking all the parts of the locking mechanism. It is possible that some of the elements have shifted from their original places. In this case, it is recommended to dismantle and disassemble the lock. After that, it is necessary to clean and lubricate all its parts. If this procedure does not help, then a complete replacement of the device will be required. Also, the lock can jam due to the malfunctioning of the latch. It is worth checking it for defects and damage. To do this, you need to take out the lock cylinder and see how it works outside the lock. Repair of this element is almost impossible, so if you find a malfunction, it is easier to buy a similar part.

The malfunctioning of the lock case is characteristic for padlocks. In this case, the damaged part should be replaced by a new one. To do this, you should use a screwdriver to unscrew the locking mechanism from the door.

The locks of the plunger type may have a problem with pulling the key out of the keyhole. If it is quite difficult to perform this procedure, it is necessary to adjust the nozzles. In extreme cases, it is necessary to replace the mechanism. It is important to note that without having the tools and a certain experience, it is not recommended to carry out the above procedures. It is better to immediately ask for help from our locksmith.

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