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How to open a garage lock

Cases when a garage lock (or a key in it) has broken are not rare, since unfavorable weather conditions constantly affect the garage door: rain, snow, dust. All this leads to increased wear of the parts of the lock mechanism and the locking device sooner or later gets jammed. If the lock is locked in the closed position, you will have to solve an unpleasant task, which is indicated as follows: “How to open a garage lock?” Losing garage keys is also quite common. londonlocksmith247 provides prompt assistance in opening garages without damaging the integrity of either the garage itself or its doors.. We do not use vandal methods (we do not break or bend doors), we work exclusively with the lock and open garages carefully. Contact us by calling the phone number on the website.

How to open a garage lock yourself?

If you decide to open the garage on your own, we do not recommend using scrap or mounting hardware, or trying to get into the garage through the roof, as this is ineffective and can damage the functionality and appearance of the property. Restoring the previous type of garage can cause a lot of trouble and require additional investment.

How to open a frozen garage lock?

If the garage lock is frozen, the easiest way to defrost it is with a portable gas torch that is screwed onto a cylinder. The cost of such a burner is about 500 rubles and it can be useful in the future in everyday life. But be careful not to start a fire. Often the inside of the garage door is trimmed with wood, in such situations it is better not to risk it and use alternative methods of heating the castle. Or contact a specialist in opening garage locks.

How do I open a garage padlock?

If there is a padlock on the garage door, you can open it if there is electricity in the adjacent box. You will need a grinder and a cutting wheel. Using these tools, you will open the padlock in 5 minutes. Once you buy a new lock, quickly restore your garage protection. If you have a rechargeable grinder, then you are unlikely to ask such a question, most likely the problem has already been solved.

How to open a rack and pinion garage lock?

Previously, this type of lock was very common on garage doors. However, even now these castles are common. The principle of its operation is simple. The key is inserted all the way into the lock, and the grooves on the key move the bolt towards the opening. There are locks that work according to this principle: when opening, the key must be inserted into the hole in a horizontal position, then turned, and, having installed it in a vertical position, pull it towards you. The lock will open. The key of such a lock can be straight (the teeth are like a ladder) or spiral (like a drill). To open the garage rack lock you need 2 slotted screwdrivers. One screwdriver moves the comb teeth in the keyhole, and the second creates a tightness on the door, so that the lock bolt, under the influence of the spring, does not jump into the opposite position at the moment when it will be necessary to intercept with the first screwdriver.

How to open a lever garage lock?

If there is a lever lock on the garage door, it is better to contact the specialists in opening garage locks from the service. The device of the lever lock and the principle of operation do not allow an unprepared person to cope with opening. Our craftsmen have vast experience in opening garage locks and will cope with the work quickly and accurately.

In addition to opening the locks of all types of garages, we can offer the replacement of an old garage lock with a new one. Our craftsmen always have various types of garage locks with them. If they do not fit, the range of locks in our warehouse will definitely allow you to find a suitable option.

If you need to open, replace or install a garage lock – contact the masters of their craft for help using the phone number on the website. We are always ready to help. Call for a garage door opener or get a free consultation.

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