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Why won’t the front door lock open?

Each person at least once faced a situation in which, once he came home, he could not open the door. There are various reasons for this. If you need to open the lock, you can ask our specialists for help, 3 masters are always free out of 7. And from this article you will learn why such a situation can happen to you.

The most common reasons

One of them is a broken key. This concept covers many options for the development of events. The key may bend or severely damage its working surface. Breakdowns are often difficult to see with the naked eye. For example, if a small prong flew out in the lever key, then you are unlikely to notice it. And such a breakdown will lead to the fact that when you try to open the lock, the key will get stuck in it.
Also, one of the most common reasons why people cannot open the front door is the breakdown of the cylinder mechanism cylinder. The latter in this case can freely rotate in different directions, and the crossbars remain absolutely motionless. In addition, people often encounter a key getting stuck in the lock both after the first turn and at half turn.

Breakdown of the mechanism is also possible due to its excessive contamination. When operating the mechanism outdoors or in rooms where cleanliness and order are not observed, quite often a large amount of dust and dirt accumulates inside the lock. Over time, these particles solidify and can block the movement of the moving parts of the mechanism.

Also, a failure in the operation of the lock may occur due to the wear of its various parts. The latter occurs due to long-term uninterrupted operation of the mechanism.

There are other reasons why the lock may stop working. It is not possible to list them all within one article.

What to do in such a situation?

Our experts will help open the lock in Moscow if the owner of the apartment cannot enter or leave his home. If you decide to act on your own, for example, when there is no time to wait for the arrival of a team of specialists, you should correctly diagnose the problem.

There can be two situations. In the first case, the key not only does not turn in the lock, but it is not possible to extract it from the well. First of all, you should not try to get the key with force. You will need lubricant. Any option will work, but if possible, it is best to use a specialized formulation or machine oil. Pour a small amount of the compound into the keyhole and wait until it begins to spread inside the mechanism. After that, you should gently shake the key, pause and repeat the manipulation three or four more times. Only then can you try to turn the key again.

If the key is broken, and part of it is stuck in the lock, then you should examine the keyhole in good lighting. If it is impossible to remove the fragment with your hands, you can try using some improvised means. For example, a woman’s purse might contain nail scissors or eyebrow tongs. With their help, you can try to pull out the remnants of the key. You should act very carefully. If the key fragment is clearly visible, you can try to remove it using a special tool – round-nose pliers. Unfortunately, if these manipulations do not help to achieve the desired result, you will have to call specialists and wait for their arrival.

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