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Why won’t the front door lock open?

  • A broken key can be an unpleasant experience. Excessive force while opening or locking the mechanism may cause severe damage to the working surface of a key.
  • Lost keys will prevent you not only from entering your home or office premises, but also pose a security threat as no one can guarantee that they haven’t got into the wrong hands.
  • Foreign objects in the cylinder will cause jamming up to the complete breakdown of the locking device. Without regular cleaning and lubrication, the mechanism can get clogged with dirt preventing you from freely turning the key in a lock cylinder.
  • Intensive use of a locking device without regular maintenance leads to accelerated wear of inner mechanical parts of a mechanism resulting in breakdowns that are often difficult to see with the naked eye.

How to Remove a Broken Key?

First of all, you should apply a lubricant. Pour a small amount into the keyhole and wait till it spreads inside the mechanism. If you can firmly grasp the fragment with your fingers, then you shouldn’t have trouble pulling it out. Otherwise, you’ll need pliers. If all fails, you’ll need to contact specialists and wait for their arrival. If you don’t have a spare key readily available, then it makes even more sense to call us right away saving your time and efforts since you’ll likely need the assistance of a locksmith to open the front door whether or not you can remove the broken key fragment.

If the key is broken, and part of it is stuck in the lock, then you should examine the keyhole in good lighting. If it is impossible to remove the fragment with your hands, you can try using some improvised means. For example, a woman’s purse might contain nail scissors or eyebrow tongs. With their help, you can try to pull out the remnants of the key. You should act very carefully. If the key fragment is clearly visible, you can try to remove it using a special tool – round-nose pliers. Unfortunately, if these manipulations do not help to achieve the desired result, you will have to call specialists and wait for their arrival.

What to Do in a Lockout Emergency?

Do not panic and take rash actions. Any attempts to gain entry to a locked property on your own can complicate the task for a locksmith thus increasing the service costs. Simply call 02045139665 and the operator will quickly send the nearest available specialist. We can help you resolve the emergency with the least financial and material losses. By turning to the services of a qualified locksmith in your area, you are guaranteed to receive the best solution possible to your lock-related problem. We are ready to drive out to any place in London at a moment’s notice and provide the assistance you need. For residents in the Fulham area, our skilled team at Fulham locksmith is here to provide prompt and efficient assistance. We specialize in resolving lock-related issues and can diagnose and address the reasons why your front door lock won’t open. Additionally, if you’re facing problems with a safe lock, our experienced safe locksmith can help you with professional safe lock services. Trust our expertise and let us help you restore the security and functionality of your front door lock.


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