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Opening garage locks

  1. What problems can happen with a garage door:
  2. How much does it cost to open a garage
  3. Opening garage locks: features
  4. Benefits of working with us

Londonlocksmith247 specializes in emergency opening and replacement of locks of any complexity, including garage locks. Our specialists are ready to come to the facility at any time of the day and provide professional assistance by opening the doors of any garage.

What problems can happen with a garage door:

  • jammed garage lock;
  • problems with the garage door;
  • lost or stolen key;
  • the castle is frozen (winter time).

If you decide to open the door yourself, then the likelihood of damage to doors, hinges and garage is very high. The experts of our company guarantee that all work will be carried out without damage. However, it is worth remembering that you must have legal rights to this procedure. This could be a title to a car or a property / garage. In addition, you will need identification documents. If these documents are inside the premises, then the autopsy can only be performed in the presence of a police officer.

As soon as all documentary issues are settled, our specialists will open the garage doors as quickly as possible and without damage.

How much does it cost to open a garage

The cost of opening garage locks depends on the specific situation, the starting price is from 99 £.

How garages are opened

The tools for opening a garage lock are very diverse. This could be:

  • Universal tool with a retractable hook;
  • Universal unlocking device with rounded interference fit;
  • Regular crochet roll;
  • Electric drill;
  • Bulgarian;
  • Curved crowbar;
  • Screwdrivers, pliers, pliers;
  • Hammer;
  • Hydraulic shears;
  • Acetylene welding.

Opening garage locks: features

Opening garage locks or opening a door is necessary in such cases:

  • If the lock mechanism is jammed, due to which the door to the garage does not open;
  • The lock is frozen in cold weather and you cannot open it yourself;

With their own hands, they manage to open the door and open the garage in less than half of the cases, and often it is necessary to significantly damage the lock, and sometimes the door, after which they are often not suitable for operation. In this case, it is better to contact a specialist who has special equipment and experience in opening doors.

Garage locks can be divided into the following types:

  • Cylindrical mechanisms;
  • Padlocks;
  • Suvaldnye.

There are standards, according to which four classes of locks for garages are distinguished (in terms of durability):

  • First class – in this case, it will take 5 minutes to hack, no more;
  • Second class – it will take about 10 minutes to open such a lock;
  • Third class – hacking will take up to half an hour;
  • The fourth class, the most reliable, because it will take about half an hour to open.

In this video you can watch a locksmith open a broken garage lock.

Benefits of working with us

Turning to the specialists of our company, you can be confident in the quality of our services and the professionalism of all employees. Our masters will arrive at the place of the call as soon as possible and perform all services at the lowest prices. Other advantages of working with us include:

  • modern tools
  • a large number of positive reviews and satisfied customers
  • we work around the clock, seven days a week and holidays

In order to issue an autopsy request, contact us in any way convenient for you, and our specialists will come to you as soon as possible.

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