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Garage locks opening

  1. Common Garage Lock Problems
  2. The Cost of Opening a Garage Lock
  3. The Features of Opening a Garage Lock
  4. Benefits of Choosing Our Service

Londonlocksmith247 specializes in emergency opening and replacement of locks of any complexity, including garage locks. Our specialists are ready to come to the facility at any time of the day and provide professional assistance in gaining entry to locked premises.

Common Garage Lock Problems

If you decide to gain entry yourself without proper qualifications, you run the risk of damaging the door, hinges and locking mechanism. On the other hand, turning to the services of a professional locksmith guarantees the resolution of a situation with the least financial and material losses. The only requirement for the locksmith to proceed with the gain of entry is prior confirmation of the property’s ownership. You will need identification documents. If documents are not at hand, the gain of entry will be carried out in the presence of a neighbour or local police officer. Call us in the following cases:

  • Jamming of a locking mechanism;
  • Freezing of mechanical moving parts (winter time);
  • Loss or theft of keys;
  • Out of alignment door hardware elements.

The Cost of Opening a Garage Lock

The cost of opening garage locks depends on the specific situation; the starting price is 99 £. The locksmith determines the cost of work after on-site assessment and proceeds with the garage opening upon agreeing on all the details with the customer.

The Features of Opening a Garage Lock

The Tools for Opening a Garage Lock Include:

  • Universal tool with a retractable hook;
  • Electric drill;
  • Curved crowbar;
  • Screwdrivers;
  • Pliers;
  • Hammer;
  • Hydraulic shears.

Even if you manage to open a garage door, chances are the lock will need to be replaced. Modern locking devices from leading manufacturers have a high price tag, so think twice before attempting to open the lock using improvised means. If you are not confident in your abilities to pick the lock, the best course of action is to contact local locksmiths who have the necessary skills and tools to accomplish the task.

By the Type of Mechanism Locks Are Categorized As:

  • Cylinders;
  • Levers;

Garage Locks Are Distinguished by the Security Class. The Higher the Class, the More Time Is Required to Open the Device:

  • First class – 5 mins;
  • Second class –10 mins;
  • Third class – 30 mins;
  • Fourth class – 60 mins.

The following video shows the procedure for opening a broken garage twist lock.

Benefits of Choosing Our Service

Turning to the services of our company, you can be confident in the quality of work performed and the professionalism of all employees. Local locksmiths are ready to respond at a moment’s notice and carry out the necessary work up to the best standards in the industry. The list of our advantages includes the following:

  • Availability of modern tools
  • Large selection of door locks
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Competitive prices

We also work in all London’s districts, so you can call us anywhere: in Greenwich, SE10, Soho W1, Isleworth TW7 and elsewhere.
Feel free to call us any time you need to fix or open a garage lock. We can be reached by phone at 02045139665.


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