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Several ways to open an accidentally locked car

  1. Call a locksmith to open car doors
  2. Сall relatives
  3. Break glass
  4. Knock out the lock larva
  5. Use wires and hooks

Surely many have heard about the following situation, and someone even found themselves in it – the door locks were locked, and the keys remained either in the ignition switch (the engine can run), or on the seat, in the glove box, cup holder, etc. It would seem that “smart” electronics should prevent such a scenario.

However, in practice, closing a key or transponder key fob in a car is by no means a rare case. Such a situation can occur, for example, in winter, when the frozen and then thawed lock mechanism worked out of time. Or, as an option, the blocking can be triggered by a “switched off” alarm.

It also happens – the driver, due to a misunderstanding, closes the transponder key in the trunk. Finally, quite exotic, but nevertheless real stories happen – for example, when a pet in the salon pressed its paw on the keychain left on the chair. Let’s figure out what can be done in this difficult situation.

Call a locksmith to open car doors

First you need to come to terms with the fact that almost any solution to the problem will cost you a certain amount. Your task is to minimize it as much as possible. If you have a mobile phone with you, you are fully armed.

In this case, the most reasonable and budgetary option would be to call an autolocksmith who is most likely to solve the problem. Typically, technicians use a large arsenal of mechanical and electronic “picks” to open locked locks. There are a lot of companies specializing in car autopsy now. London Locksmith will help you to open the car door quickly and inexpensively.

Opening prices range from 89 euros (if it is an old car with simple protection) to 300 euros if we are talking about a car with a complex protection system.

In this video you can watch a locksmith open the car

Our locksmiths will ensure they open your vehicle without damage.

Сall relatives

Often, the simple solution is to call family or friends to pick up a spare car key. All modern cars have at least two keys included.

And the following “life hack” is also being replicated on the Internet – to contact relatives who have access to the second key and the alarm panel, switch the phone to speakerphone mode, bring the gadget closer to the driver’s door and ask the assistant to press the unlock key on the second key. The lock is then supposedly unlocked. Alas, the key word here is “ostensibly”. Our experience has shown that such know-how does not work.

Break glass

Breaking a car window with a few different tools.

This option becomes almost inevitable if a small child is left in the car with the locks locked. By the way, it was he who could just close your car from the inside, playing with the locking mechanism or key fob left in the cabin. If you decide to plant glass, choose the most budgetary option – on some models it may well be the rear door window or the entire glass of one of the rear doors.

It will not be superfluous to call your dealership and find out which of the glasses is the most inexpensive and whether it is available. Do not try to break the glass with your hand or foot, find a hammer, reinforcement or stone and hit not in the center, but at the edge of the glass. Previously, it will be useful to cover the glass with tape so that the fragments do not scatter around the cabin. The option of breaking glass or window vents is also justified when such forced vandalism is covered by insurance – inquire about this with your insurance company.

Knock out the lock larva

Another brutal and emergency way to open a car is to roll up the lock cylinder. This approach is justified, perhaps, only if the domestic car is old and inexpensive. Spare parts (in this case, a set of lock larvae) are inexpensive.

Use wires and hooks

On the Internet, you can find many tips from “seasoned” on how to open a car door with a screwdriver, ruler or wire. Most of these tips are either outdated (refer to old cars) or may harm your car. Be that as it may, the Network is bursting with life hacks of “specialists” who know how to pull out the door lock by throwing a loop on it, and where you need to press on the lock with a ruler or wire, having first bend the rubber seal.

We do not recommend repeating these feats. Relatively acceptable can only be recognized as the method of squeezing the upper edge of the door on inexpensive and not very modern auto (for this, a wooden or plastic peg is driven in between the sash and the opening, at worst a thick screwdriver or spatula wrapped in a rag).

After that, a long wire with a hook at the end is pushed into the gap formed. This device engages and jerks up the inner door handle, the button for unlocking the locks, the window regulator button (if the engine is running) is pressed, or the ignition key (for the ring) is hooked if it is inserted into the lock cylinder. Note that even if you are lucky and you cope with the role of “hook”, the risk of damaging the elements of the door, paintwork and upholstery is great. Calling the repairmen will probably be cheaper.

In conclusion, here are some tips. To avoid a situation where your keys are “held captive”, develop a habit of always taking your key with you when you get out of the car. For safety reasons, it will not be superfluous to make a duplicate of the keys and carry it with you as a key fob. The risk of locking the key in the car is also minimized if you do not use the “automatic door locking” programmable option.

If you find yourself locked out of your car due to an accidental lockout, it’s important to remain calm and seek professional assistance from a reliable locksmith. At Locksmith London 247, we specialize in providing top-notch locksmith services. Whether you’re in Greenwich or its surrounding areas, our dedicated team at Locksmith Greenwich is just a phone call away. We understand the urgency of car lockouts and will promptly dispatch our skilled technicians to help you regain access to your vehicle.

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