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Replacing the lock on the entrance metal door

Table of contents

  1. Popular models of locks by type of mechanism
  2. Replacing the front door lock cylinder (Kale): step by step instructions
  3. The procedure for replacing the cylinder lock

The need to replace the lock or lock cylinder on the front door may arise in a number of quite everyday situations.

For example, if the old locking mechanism breaks down or begins to jam. If the keys are lost and the owner wants to install a new secret for security reasons. The change of tenants is also a significant reason for replacing the locks on the front door.

People faced with a similar problem have two options:

  • contact a specialist;
  • replace the larva or door lock with your own hands.

The first option is less troublesome, more reliable, and in some cases the only correct one, especially when it comes to a high-quality metal door. If you want to solve the problem yourself, you should arm yourself with some knowledge and useful recommendations.


Popular models of locks by type of mechanism

For metal doors, locks with cylinder or lever mechanisms are most often used.

Cylinder – locks, the design of which consists of a cylinder with a cylinder and a system of pins and springs. The key to such a lock has a flat shape with notches and notches.

This is not only the most popular type of locks, but also the simplest and most convenient in terms of self-repair. Due to the design feature – the presence of a removable cylinder – a complete replacement of the entrance door cylinder mechanism itself is not required. If you just need to change the cylinder, and the mechanism itself is working normally, then replacing the entrance door lock core will be the best solution. It is also not necessary that the cylinder and the lock were produced by the same manufacturer, the main thing is their clear coincidence in size.

The lever lock is distinguished by a more complex secret mechanism, which consists of a package of plates with figured cutouts (levers).

The key to such a lock is in the form of a long round rod with one or two plates at the end. Repair and replacement of the lock of the front door of the apartment in this case is quite specific, and an amateur is unlikely to cope here. In such a situation, it is better to turn to professionals.

Much less often, other types of locks are used for entrance metal doors:

  • disk (with a semicircular short key);
  • rack and pinion (with a long flat key with notches);
  • Phillips (with a key similar to a Phillips screwdriver)


Replacing the front door lock cylinder (Kale): step by step instructions

If you plan to change only the cylinder lock cylinder, use the following instructions. It is designed for Kale locks, but the general procedure is the same for all similar models.

  • Unscrew the fixing screw on the end plate;
  • Insert the key into the lock from the inside of the door and use it to remove the cylinder;
  • Buy a new cylinder – exactly the same size (it is especially important to match the distances from the “dog” to the outer edge);
  • Insert the cylinder from the inside;
  • Tighten the locking screw from the end of the door;


The procedure for replacing the cylinder lock

If you need to replace the lock completely, you can use the following instructions.

  • Push in the crossbars completely by opening the lock;
  • Remove the cylinder from the lock as described above;
  • Remove the handles, the protective strip and remove the latches;
  • Unscrew the screws securing the lock case from the end of the door;
  • Take out the lock case.
  • Install a new lock, performing all the above steps in reverse order.

Repair and replacement of locks in metal entrance doors require attention and patience. Before disassembling the lock, read the information, watch the videos, check the availability of the necessary tools and, most importantly, take your time. Be prepared for the process may be delayed, as locks that look similar at first glance from different manufacturers have their own nuances.

Even in simple locks, replacing the front door cylinder can lead to undesirable consequences. For example, the lock can simply jam. If you have doubts about your own abilities, it is better to invite an experienced master.

If you are performing a self-replacement in order to save money, buy a new lock or spare parts from authorized retail outlets so that the mistakenly purchased item can be returned or exchanged. Otherwise, replacing the larva in the front door lock at a cost may cost more than the services of a master.

If you are not sure that you can handle replacing the lock or cylinder yourself, it is better to contact the professionals of our company so as not to damage the structure of the lock and the door as a whole.

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