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How to open the safe without a key and a code

  1. How can and in what way can you open the safe
  2. Open the safe door
  3. How to open a safe without a key and a code
  4. Cracking the safe
  5. How to open an digital safe
  6. How to open a safe with a limb lock (twist)
  7. How to open a code safe
  8. What can be concluded

The safe opening procedure may be required at any time. The owners of such devices quite often forget where they store keys, or super-complex codes. It is necessary that the thought “how I will open the safe” does not completely occupy its owner.

It is important to remember that at present the manufacturers of the presented devices are constantly improving them by installing an anti-burglar system. For this reason, it is not possible to break into some safes.

In this tutorial, we’ll cover:

  • Opening safe doors
  • How to open a safe without a key and a code
  • Cracking the safe
  • Opening safe locks
  • How to open an electronic safe
  • How to open a safe with a limb lock (twist)
  • How to open a code safe

How can and in what way can you open the safe

A number of safes made in China and elsewhere can be opened using such simple things as:

  • sock and magnet;
  • paper clips;
  • metal can of beer;
  • lighter;
  • padlock;
  • potato.

Of course, the methods of breaking into safes differ depending on their type. A mechanical, for example, security cabinet is sometimes much more difficult to open than with a combination or electronic lock. However, you can always:

  • use a super password (with its help, any safes are opened in Egypt);
  • pick up the code;
  • apply the forceful method;
  • guess the combination of numbers;
  • make a duplicate of keys;
  • drill in the right place and so on.

The more incredible safes appear on sale, the more surprising (sometimes in their simplicity and availability) the methods of breaking them become.

Open the safe door

Opening safe doors is a complex process.
Care must be taken in carrying out such a procedure, since in case of wrong actions it is possible to achieve the state of the device when only a narrow specialist will help.

The main thing is not to despair and find the correct information on how to open the safe without a key.

It is advisable to open safe doors using special tools.

Otherwise, significant mechanical damage can be achieved, which in turn will entail significant financial resources.

However, emergency opening of safes involves the use of various methods, even those that cause visible damage. Assistance in breaking into safes is required in cases where:

  • it is necessary to open electronic safes;
  • opening of mechanical safes is necessary;
  • it is necessary to open a code safe;
  • it is necessary to open the key lock in the safe.

How to open a safe without a key and a code

Everyone at least once faced the problem of opening safe locks. When wondering how to open the safe if you have forgotten the code, it is worth remembering that a key is included with such devices.
However, there are situations when the key is not at hand. And if the safe still does not open, it is worth trying to enter a zero combination, that is, specify zeros as all six digits. It is important to remember that this method does not always work.

How to open a safe with a code without entering it, you can find out from the consultants of the store where such a purchase was made.

Moreover, opening mechanical safe locks will only be possible if the owner was registered on the manufacturer’s website at the time of purchase. There, in the user’s personal account, the code will be indicated.

In the case when the data for entering the site was safely forgotten by the owner, it is not possible to open the safe lock without the help of specialists.

Cracking the safe

Before you open the safe without a key and a code, you need to check a couple of points that could affect the device’s failure to open.
These include:

  • Reducing the charge of batteries, which should only be replaced with their original versions, since they hold a charge almost twice as long.
  • The bolt is jammed in the lock, which prevents the lock opening mechanism from triggering. Sometimes it is enough to push the device with your back several times to solve the problem of how to open the safe lock.
  • Locking of the lock, which occurred due to the repeated input of the wrong code. It is important to wait a while, about 10-20 minutes, and re-enter the combination. If it takes more time to reboot the device, you should still wait before re-entering the combination, and not look for a way to open the code safe.
  • Disconnected or damaged wires. It is necessary to remove the keyboard on the safe, then remove the batteries and check if the wires are in normal condition. If they are damaged, an emergency opening will have to be done.

Considering all these points, if it is necessary to open the doors in an emergency, it is enough to call a specialist with a narrow profile.

Opening safe locks
Trying to understand how to open an electronic or any other safe, if you have forgotten the code, it is enough to know exactly the following information about the device installed in the room.

It includes data on:

  • type of lock;
  • the material from which the cabinet is made.

In addition, having all these data, it will be possible for a specialist to make life easier if the owner of the safe decides to call instead of trying to open it on his own.

How to open an digital safe

Not everyone knows how to open an electronic safe.
To get started, it’s worth examining a set of storage cabinets.

Step-by-step instructions on how to open a safe with an electronic lock involves performing such actions as:

  • using a special type of key that comes with the connection;
  • insertion of the key into a special compartment, which is usually under a special emblem.

Another way to explain how to open an electronic safe is to enter a zero combination of six characters. However, such a procedure does not always work, and therefore it is worth acquiring the numbers of specialists involved in opening devices of this type.

How to open a safe with a limb lock (twist)

How to open a safe with a limb lock is not very easy to figure out. Usually such devices are equipped with open limb type locks.
To open them, you must:

  • first, rotate the dial knob only counterclockwise when dialing the first digit;
  • when dialing the second digit, rotation occurs clockwise;
  • dialing the third digit by rotating the knob counterclockwise.

The discs are numbered from the end, there is a third groove closest to the user. To set the first disc to the desired position, you need to check 4 times counterclockwise, stop rotation when the first digit of the code and the special codes match.

In the event that the code was entered correctly, the rotation disk will turn and the lock will open. However, if all the operations were performed incorrectly, most likely a call to the cracking wizard.

How to open a code safe

The safe with a code can be equipped with locks of the following types:

  • mechanical;
  • electronic.

If a mechanical closing device is available, the required code is sufficient.

Each device has its own, which means that you can recognize it only upon presentation of an identity card in the store where it was purchased.

Electronic locks are opened using a special-purpose key that comes with the safe.

The hole for inserting the unlocking device is usually located under a special emblem screwed onto screws that can be easily unscrewed with a regular screwdriver.

You can also try a six-digit code combination of zeros, if it does not work, you should call a specialist. The same goes for the moments when you need to learn how to open an old safe without a key.

What can be concluded

To our great regret, on the shelves of a number of stores today you are more likely to find cheap, but not good-quality goods than a reliable and durable safe. Not many companies understand that if the text of the instructions indicates the increased safety of things closed in this metal box, then this does not mean the truth at all. And without checking the reliability of the product, they begin to promote it on the market. In our store, they treat similar things in a completely different way. If the strength and reliability of the product is declared, then in practice it must confirm everything specified in the operating manual. No amount of money is worth a tarnished reputation. Therefore, we always carefully review the technical characteristics of each safe before putting it up for sale. And we try to deal only with proven and no less reliable manufacturers.

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